Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Flower!

I looked at "Dance Flick". I cracked up too!

Why don't I see David Alan Grier in something every day? Man is he funny. I don't need Tivo I need Grier-Vo. Some kind of device built into my TV where I could press a button and --Ta Da--on tonight's episode David Alan Grier will be playing the part of Jack on "Lost", Blanche Devereaux on "The Golden Girls" or maybe Ming-Ming on "The Wonder Pets". Can we get Dreamworks or my cable company or Macgyver working on that? Thanks!

Flower, today I came across an organization (it really seems like a company but I'm not sure I can all it that since they are trying to save the world) called Traidcraft. It looks like they are trying to wonderful things to help people escape poverty. Very impressive.
Now there's going to be a but--so to speak.

This is one of their products:

I do want to buy this. However saving the planet is pricey (I know, can you afford not to?) and I can't afford to buy this toilet paper at roughly $30 a package. It's making me sad. Not only would I be greener than anyone I know if I had this but every time I "flushed away unfair trade" I'd hear trumpets and feel like a super hero. Not a bad way to round out taking a crap.

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