Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Flower!

This is so not a top 10 holiday for me. Not that I'm not incredibly grateful to every man and woman that has chosen to serve. My Father and his cousins saved Europe and Asia, 2 two oldest brothers were drafted, one brother in law patrolled the seas in a sub for 8 years, another brother in law was in the National Guard for 25 years and one of my nephews is a doctor in the army right now.
It's the parade.
I hate parades. Always have. Rose Parade, Macy's Thanksgiving and my little town's 15 minute parade it doesn't matter. I go because little people in my bloodline are in it and I need to be a good Aunt and because I feel like why live in Tiny Town if you aren't going to participate in things like this?
So. I'm going to clap and cheer my heart out for our vets, the volunteer fireman, the ladies auxiliary, the boy and girl scouts, the little league, the elementary school band and whoever else strolls by and I'll mean every clap, but I'll still hate parades.


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