Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello Flower!

That is a nice smattering of celebrity-ness. I recognize all the names but I wouldn't have recognized Allen or Chaka in person. Now if they had been on screen for at least 15 seconds in only one movie made between 1920 and 1960 I'd have their face print permanently placed in my brain file, but without that...I'm pretty hopeless.
I do have one celeb story. I've met Paul Newman. Oh yeah. Met and talked with Paul Newman. His movie "Nobody's Fool" was filmed here and my friend D had an on set job on the project. At one point I went to where they were filming (it was an outdoors scene) because I was going to pick D up and we were then going down to NYC for a couple days. D came over to where I was waiting, told me that she was going to be longer than expected and invited me over to watch the filming.
It was extremely exciting! I was way, way, way over by the food area and I could not see a thing related to the filming, but hey it was show biz, right? Then I suddenly had my moment! Mr Newman came over to get a cup of coffee and he said hello to me. Ah!!! I few seconds later D was there and introduced me. Yup. Hand shaking was involved.
Mr Newman asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee and I said...YES! Of course I said yes. It didn't matter that I had only tasted coffee one other time in my life and I hated it. It was Paul Newman. If I had said no to that first question there might never have been a second question. And oh yes there was a second. He said, "Do you need cream?" Isn't so nice how after only just meeting me he already cared like that?
Of course I took some cream and I drank that entire cup of foul coffee standing next to Paul Newman. It was my first and last cup.

If I think about it I guess I have met other celebs. The bookstore I worked at had some big, big name authors over the years: Toni Morrison, David McCullough, Stephen King, etc. and for the most part they were friendly and pleasant if not interesting. But. Sorry. They were not Paul Newman.


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