Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh Flower I have failed!
The laundry has won---again. Damn you to hell dirt clothes, sheets and towels. Especially you towels you're the ones that get me every time.
It's always the same. I have a couple loads to do and I have an undeniable urge to get them all done, folded and away before I need to use any other heretofore unused potential laundry item. I can't help it. I'd understand it if I had to do all the work of going to the laundromat or if I had the laundry of mutilple people to do but I don't. My washer and dryer are right in my kitchen and I'm the only one creating laundry. I can relax while the agitation is happening. I can knit, read, maybe even blog and yet it's the same thing again and agian. If I do not have to use a wash cloth or towel or something before laundry completion----Victory! If not----defeat.
Today it was defeat. I had to use a dishcloth to wipe my hands prior to the second load even spinning out. I feel so beaten down, such a failure. That dishcloth is hanging over the fawcett mocking me. Losing is tough, losing to fabric is unendurable.
Oh well.
Laundry, we will fight this battle again. I will return and my dirty unmentionables and I will crush you!

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