Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear Happy:

I'm not proud of this, but I just read the review in today's Times of the Wayans's new movie, "Dance Flick," and I almost choked laughing. Yes, it's the Wayans and I think it's safe to say that subtlety is not a color on their cinematic palette, to grossly understate reality. Yes, it's a parody of the all the other faux-inspirational dance movies of the last few years and yes, the pop-cultural references apparently fly at a dizzying speed, but the opportunity to see the hilarious David Alan Grier dancing in a fat suit is - please don't think badly of me, Happy - a temptation I simply cannot resist.

There's also a character who's an unmarried teenage high-schooler (I know, not inherently a knee-slapper) who simply stows her baby in her locker before heading off to class. Will you please look at this? . I almost snorted my Corona Light out my nose!

Of course, convincing My Beloved to go see this with me will be like negotiating the seating at the Paris Peace Accords . I may have to go alone and save my bargaining chips for the Big One: UP.

Peace Out,

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