Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's The Mooooost Wonderful Time Of The Year!

True that Flower!

Today is my favorite holiday of the year! It's put your clock back an hour night. I love this! Thanksgiving? Nice. Christmas? Nice. Put the clock back night? Super-duper a la Peter T. Hooper nice!

Tonight we will gain an hour. I will go to sleep at midnight and before I wake up I'll have slept through a whole other midnight.  Yipee. It's magical. Magical and we-are-the-world-building. It's something we all do together. The people who don't like it (And to them I say, what in the Sam Hill??? Do you not love puppies too?) and people who do love it coming together to be the same time for another 6 months. It kind of warms your heart, doesn't it Flower? Mine too.

This holiday is all about that extra sleep for me. I feel those 60 minutes all day long like perfect strand of pearls around my neck. Maybe I'll vacuum today and actually move things to vacuum underneath? Sure. I have that free bonus hour coming up. I got the time. Rearrange the pots and pans cabinet so that it's easy to get the one I want? No way. Not if I had 8 extra hours. That is just too much damn work. Put away the dishes in the drain board? You betcha. I got that hour coming.

Plus no gifts to buy for this most perfect holiday my friend. Although if you did go that little blue box route I promise I'll love it. No cooking for hours to feed the whole family. Although... yeah I'm not promising that. I'm a little bit of a picky-pants eater and I probably don't want to hang out with your family. No offence.

It's an even happier than usual me today. This is my High Holy Day. My Mardi Gras. My Ever Loving Ground Hog Day.

Ready for bed,

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