Saturday, October 24, 2009

What the Frock?

Good Morning Flower!

I am so in love with my own mad skilz today. I have been basking in this love for the last 11+ hours and I don't know where it will end.

Last night I was watching Turner Classic Movies on my beloved TV. I was very eager to see the movie Dragonwyck . I had not seen in it in at least 21.6 years but I had retained fond memeories of that film. I remembered liking it a lot as a kid.

Dragonwick started out as a bestselling novel by popular novelist Anya Seton and became a hit movie in 1946 starring Gene Tierney, Walter Huston, Anne Revere and Spring Byington. It's a gothic story set in the beautiful Hudson Valley in the mid 1800's. A young farmer's daughter goes to live with a married wealthy cousin, a Patroon , on his estate as a companion to his young daughter. Jane Eyre anyone? The Jane Eyre-ness of it combines with Rebecca and you are very entertained.

Was it as good as I remembered? Yes. It's not perfect. There are a couple moments in the movie that are disjointed and one character in the movie disappears and you wonder why. However it is well made, the actors are all excellent, the music is lovely, the settings are make-you-wish-you-were-thers-able and it is very entertaining.

The real reason I'm telling you about Dragonwyck, Flower? The tie-in between the movie and my skills? While I was watching the movie what to my wandering eyes should appear? Gene wearing the same dress that  Joan Fontaine wore in  Jane Eyre .

Here is a playing way against type as a creepy housekeeper, Spring Byington on the left and Gene on the right:

Here is Joan Fontaine being as 'poor, plain and obscure' as she possibly can.  See??? There is no denying that dress!

I've watched that 1944 version of Jane Eyre many, many times so if I didn't recognize that dress it would have been shocking. Still I am beside myself that I actually noticed it. I was deee-lighted with me. I was also surprised that the dress was used again after having been used less than 2 years before, but mostly I was impressed with me and my skilz. Too bad no one will care. True. I told A. and she said, "That's great Happy. Now if you can also make your bed today I'll be super proud of you."

Too late. I'm proud of me already!

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