Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day!

Good Morning Flower!

It's Election Day. A great day. I walked over to my Town Hall about 30 minutes ago and voted. I like going first thing. It's quiet, the room has that early morning overpowering coffee smell and the volunteers aren't feeling so harried that they don't ask you how your Dad is and what you think about how slow the road work by the bridge is going.

In my district we aren't voting for Senators, Representatives or any town changing propositions. It's all the local positions that we decide on: town council, county clerk, town supervisor town judge, etc. The Biggie in our local elections for me are the 2 open positions on our School Board. That I think is huge.

In my opinion/observation people run for School Board when they have 1 ax to grind. When little Susie was nosed out of the county spelling bee finals it could not have been because she lost fair and square. Of course not. The rules were wrong, the judges were selected unfairly and the had the match on a Tuesday for goodness sake and how could Susie have been expected to do her best on a Tuesday???? I have to get elected to the Board and change that immediately! What? The district is facing a budget shortfall? The 4th graders at Chester A. Arthur Elementary School can't pass their state reading exam? Ummm....I wasn't aware of those problems.

  School Boards have a substantial amount of local power over the lives of  thousands of children. That is as important as a Senatorial election. It's crucial to choose who you think will do the best for these children. Do you want the candidate who will solve their child's issue and then rubber stamp whatever the Supervisor wants? Would you rather have the other person who will also solve their child's problem but then stay engaged in all the other hundreds of issues?

How lucky are we to have elections and then to have those elections stick? It ain't perfect but I'd rather have this than anything else. I will never understand why a large chunk of the citizens of this country don't vote and if you are one and I find out? Expect a stern talking to.

Thrilled to vote,

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