Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Begining To Feel A Lot Like Bing


Have you (by choice) listened to any Christmas music yet? Is your car radio tuned in to the all Happy Holidays all the time station? No? Shocking. Me? Oh you know it baby! I have been harmonizing with Bing for at least a month now and the radios at home and in the car jingle all the way.

I have always adored Christmas music. What's not to love? It's jolly and made to sing along to, right? So all my little guys have heard more holiday tunes than your average bears--and never complained by the way. When O was little she would ask me to put the 'Bing Frosty' music on. Wrong, but so right. Of course that is what we have called Bing ever since. We don't have many conversations about him, but naturally he does come up.

Christmas books are a big deal for me and mine as well. We have many favs but one of our fav-i-est is The Mouse and His Child by Russell Hoban. It's a less traditional Christmas tale because Christmas isn't the primary focus of the story. It takes place on the holiday and it touches on all the best emotions that Christmas offers. Do you know this book?

Stop me if you've heard this one. It's midnight and all the toys in the shop come to life. Sounds very familiar doesn't it? It's a favorite childhood fantasy and one that many stories have wrapped their plots around. The best version of it by far is The Mouse and His Child.It's Christmas time and a wind-up mouse and his son break the rules, are expelled from the toy shop and begin a quest to find a new family.

The two best pieces of advice I ever got came from this book: "no one is ever completely self-winding" and "be happy."

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