Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are you completely ignorant as to how rude you are being?

Do you know how to set the table? You should. You have been doing it all your life. You think you do, right? Well sorry to be the one to tell you this--but you don't.
You are picturing this:


Dream on. See that space over by the cup and saucer? It's missing something.... Can you guess? A phone! That's were the phone goes at meal times. It comes out of the pocket or purse and gets set on the table at the end of the place setting. Remember that, OK? Whether dinning at home or at a restaurant, the phone goes on the table.

It's a must. It completes the Schizophrenic Toast To Rudeness Dinning Experience. If the phone is on the table your companion can talk to you and the invisible other person at the table, the person on the phone. It's great. It makes you feel special to be so important, so interesting to another person or persons.

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