Friday, June 17, 2011

Super 8? Hardly.

Have seen or have any desire to see JJ Abrams new movie Super 8? If you were thinking about it scratch it off your list immediately.

It stinks.

The first hour is classic Abrams/Spielberg set up the scary monster you can't see and introduce a group of odd ball 12 year olds. It's not bad. It has some endearing kid moments and lots of mystery. But then...but then as he has shown us often enough in Alias, Lost, Cloverfield and Star Trek, Abrams has no idea how to wrap it all up in a convincing storyline, keep it entertaining and take it through hour two. He can create an acceptably creepy and compelling idea and then can't manage to land that baby.

Remember the two hour Lost premiere? Remember how good that was? Remember that no matter how hard you tried to make the next 6 years that good it never happened? That's hour one verses hour two of Super 8. Oh yeah and while we're on Lost remember how in that first episode the hurt pilot was yanked out of the plane by something and thrown into the jungle? Well that same scene shows up a couple times in Super 8. So if you really did love it you can go relive it and relive it again.

The alien in Super 8? It's lucky for them that the designers for the alien in the Alien movies aren't planning on suing them for copyright infringement. Did I miss the memo that said that aliens were no longer going to look like the old light bulb shaped alien we all grew up with and now are always going to look like some sort of buff insect?

Close you eyes my friend and think of the most cheese filled moments of E.T., Lost and The Goonies now add in some cliches and hour two boredom and you have Super 8. Looking back on everything else I've seen from Abrams I cannot  say that Super 8 was a disappointment. I can only say that it was typical.

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