Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seen That Disney Movie, Bridesmaids?

I saw the movie Bridesmaids last night. It was....underwhelming. There were a few very funny moments but there were many more long, drawn out trying to be funny moments. The first fifteen minutes can be avoided and the entire three hour long look-at-me-I'm-stoned-and-I-didn't-mean-to-be bit on the airplane that felt like no one actually wrote it (and I mean that in a painful way not a hey isn't improv great way) could have been jettisoned. Or maybe just made funny?.

The reason I bring Bridesmaids up at all is the ending. After the predictably boring wedding finally happens the heroine goes off into the sunset with a man to have a happily ever after. I know the movie was about being in a wedding so it's not out of left field to have an ending that leads you to believe that another wedding will happen. Yea. I'm all for love but throughout the film the heroine's life has been a train wreck. This woman is jobless, career-less, broke, would be homeless except that she can move in with her Mother, self pitying, and willing to be unhappy in a bad relationship presumably just to have a relationship but the movie has a happy ending because the heroine is with a man at the end of the movie. So Bridesmaids is just like a Disney Princess cartoon except that the Princesses are a lot more likable and have great hair.

Jill Clayburgh was in Bridesmaids. It was nice to see her again and sad that we won't be seeing her again. Too bad that the woman who starred in one of the few movies about a woman choosing independence over couplehood, An Unmarried Woman, wound up in yet another movie that isn't as funny or honest as you thought it might be and that lets women everywhere know that everything will be fine if they have a man.

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