Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poor Pedestrian Me

Flower, I am a bit ticked off.

I went out to dinner last night with a small group of friends. We had met at a gallery opening (so arty and adult) and then it was to be dinner. No decision prior to the show had been made about where to eat. In fact we hadn't even discussed it. So there we are walking out to our cars offering up food ideas. One of the suggestions was sushi. It was seconded. I spoke up and said that I don't like sushi.

Now, Flower, I have known all these people at least 3 years. I'm not particularly close to any of them but we have fun when we get together. So there I was resisting one choice and offering up others. Usually I don't care enough about where we're going to eat to bother with an opinion or I figure I'll find something to like no matter where we go but last night I spoke up. I do not like sushi and I did not want to go to a sushi restaurant.

I was ridiculed. Not teased. I think I might have actually been bullied. About sushi for goodness sake. The general tenor of the mocking was that I was Sam I Am about sushi and had never even really tried sushi. That must be the explanation. How could I not like sushi? I was to be pitied and shamed.

Oh well.

The badgering didn't really bother me. As ten of eleven I'm almost immune to that. What did seriously anger me was the assumption that because I 'claim not to like sushi' I'm some sort of pickypants. Sushi. That's the bellwether for adventurousness? This group of people get to view themselves as the vanguard of society because they are willing to eat sushi? While I---what? I get to be some low brow, knuckle dragging, macaroni and cheese guzzling slave to the ordinary?



  1. why don't you like sushi? i am vegetarian but there is some excellent cooked and vegetarian sushi out there.

    regardless, the "ew! sushi!" stance is very, very common (my father refuses to even taste it), so it's not entirely off the wall that you'd be teased for it, even if you are far better informed in your judgements than most.

    but yes, we'd all prefer it if our friends avoided making kneejerk suppositions about us.

  2. I have texture problems with sushi. I have tried many varities. It just doesn't work for me as a food group.