Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Day Her Prince May Come

Flower, hello.

If books were salads and you could have The Way We Were When Harry Met Sally The Same Time Next Year written by Anita Loos and Nick Hornby with a side of extra funny would you take it? Well let me make that happen for you my friend. Ta-Da! Here it is
One Day by David Nicholls. And. Because I am so super wonderful nice I will make sure that One Day is even better and unexpectedly original in so many facetious ways than if it was a We Were Harry And Sally The Same Loos Hornby mash-up. Amazing. I give and give.

One Day is the maybe love story of Emma and Dexter. It's a twenty year will they or won't they with an average of 2.3 laughs on every page. Believe me. I have the lab work to prove it. It is also sweet and memorable and as light as air. This is a carry it with you everywhere and bemoan finding yourself on the last page kind of book. ---This novel was so good I'm not even going to mention the boring Seventeen magazine short story cover.--- I don't have the time. I need to get Nicholls other books immediately.

Happy and laughing

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