Monday, August 16, 2010

Everything Is Going To Be Great, Promise

Hello Flower!

If Eat, Pray, Love were written by David Sedaris:

A. It would have been interesting.
B. It would have been 108% less annoying and  127% less preachy.
C. It would be Everything Is Going To Great: An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand Tour

Can you be under thirty and publish the second volume of your memoirs? You can if you're the super funny Rachel Shukert. In her first book Have You Know Shame and Other Regrettable Stories, Shukert took us as far as the start of her life at NYU. In her new book Everything Is Going To Be Great: An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand Tour, she has finished her degree, broken up with a boyfriend and gotten a job. The job is a part in a play. She has no lines in the play and will not get paid for not reciting any lines but the play and it's company are going to Vienna so she will get a great trip out of it.

Everything is a very modern coming of age biography. That is if you are going to age from 18 to 46 in a matter of weeks. There are lovers, threesomes, enough liquor to float the Titanic back to the surface, Nazi's, dentists, sociopaths, skinny Santas with black face wearing elves and even eating mustard from squeeze tubes. My, my, my. Rachel Shukert how do you face your Mom and Dad after this?

What will volume 3 of Shukert's autobiography bring? I hope more of the same. More of the same over the top, across the edge, over the river and through the woods wicked mayhem. Like all good humorists and memoirists, Shukert can have you giggling at her off color stories one minute and sighing over the poignancy the next. She's honest enough to show herself at her worst and writes well enough so that you care. This book is a crack up. Just go buy it already and busy loving the guilty pleasure of it all.


P.S. I heart the cover! It's all Pickwick Papers. Clever and fun.

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