Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can This Marriage Be Saved? Let's Go To The Video Tape

There is good news for those of us who care about the health of marriages in this country! Ladies Home Jornal is taking their peerless monthly column Can This Marriage Be Saved to the web. For 57 years LHJ has been working their relationship magic in print and now they are bringing it to the illiterare, to that part of the populace too cheap to buy the magazine and to all those people who should be working at work instead of surfing the net.

My Mom subscribed to roughly 700 magazines while I was growing up. She would have one of us read her something from one of them while she folded laundry or made dinner or did any of the other millions of things that the Mother of eleven needs to get done in a day. Sister A's and my favorite thing to read to her was Can This Marriage Be Saved. The articles were divided into three parts: the wife's turn, the husband's turn and the counselor's turn. We used to fight over who got to read the wife's part. They always started the same way.
   " I don't know what went wrong for Tim and I ", said Janet a slim 41 year old, "It's as though we don't know each other any more." Janet sighed and wiped a quick tear from her hazel eyes.

To A and I that column was the ultimate in adult. It was racy. Married people were discussing  their sex life! It was  enlightening. Married people don't always like their stepchildren, not having enough money can make you fight, Mothers in law can be annoying, some people drink until they pass out, no one likes whiners, etc.

According to the magazine's editor, Sally Lee:
   We like to think of "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" as the original reality entertainment - a 'he said/she said' that lets spouses tell their stories to a therapist, who gives them advice and then reveals how the marriage turned out. It continues to be our best-read column, and we think the time is right to bring this modern, relevant concept to the web and other new-media outlets.

The first three webisodes are: Our Dog Is Coming Between Us (Feel free to supply the punchline on that one yourself), We Never Have Sex Anymore and His Mother Is Tearing Us Apart.


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