Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why Did I Ever Leave Ohio?

Hello Flower!

How do you pick your next book? You have a pile of To-Be-Reads staring you in the face, you've just finished Wonderful Book, what do you do? Are you wondering what I do? Are you afraid that I use some indiscernible, scientific technique involving calipers, Excel and a fresh, happy puppy? Fear not! I use the Natural Section process my friend. I spread out the To-Be-Read pile, grab the other to be reads that are randomly floating around the house and select. If there is a book waiting by an author I love that's next. If not? The prettiest cover wins of course.

 This cover won:

Isn't it lovely? It's quite simple. There are only 3 neutral colors with an ironwork feeling boarder and interesting typeface. It won over flowers, beautiful views, face to three quarter faces, angels, a kitten and what I think is a robot in a Victorian visiting frock. Will the novel live up to it's cover?

The Kingdom of Ohio is a historical, time travel love story. On the reality side it's 1901 Peter Force has come to NYC and is working on the subway tunnels. Some of the powerful of the day Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan and Nicola Tesla make special guest star appearances in the book. The world seems to be on the cusp of all things are possible with technology. On the once upon a time side long lost Princess and math genius Cheri-Ann Toledo has just arrived in Peter's NYC from seven years ago in Ohio. In Cheri-Ann's day to day Ohio was/is a kingdom ruled by a minor European Prince. Naturally there will be a romance. I am not giving anything away by saying that. Time Travel novels run on romance. There will also be mystery, suspense, interesting historical detail and questions, questions, questions.

The author, Matthew Flaming does a good job of keeping the reality and science fiction (Sorry. Despite the scientific proof offered up by the wondrous writings of Diane Gabaldon, Audrey Niffenegger, Jack Finney and H.G. Wells I don't believe that time travel exists) elements of the novel under control. He also keeps the charm and character likability levels high which is essential for a love story.

Did Kingdom live up to it's cover? I would say it did.


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