Monday, January 4, 2010

A Christmas Miracle No Matter What Anyone Says!

Hello Flower!

I had my own personal faux Christmas Miracle over the holidays and I couldn't be happier about it. I thought it was  real Christmas Miracle at the time but I have since found out that it wasn't. I'm not feeling sad or cheated though. I feel great about it. It still has all the glow of delight and wonderment about it for me.

It all started on a Wenesday. I was flipping around the channels---and, by the way my friend, isn't it fabulous that this miracle/non-miracle involves TV? The icing on the holy cake!---and I happened tostop on Bravo. It was that Actor's Studio show. This not a show I have watched often, but I have seen it enough to know the premise and who the host is. And therein begins the Miracle.

The host is James Lipton. Everytime I have seen Mr. Lipton he has been sitting down. Sitting down behind an oddly large (in my opinion) table discussing acting and celebrity stuff with anyone from a genuine acting legend to Kate Hudson. As far as moving parts I have only ever seen his lips move and eye lids blink. I have never seen any other part of his body in motion. I have always thought that Mr. Lipton was somehow handicapped. That he had some problem with his legs or spine or arms or something.

So. Imagine my joy, my thrill, my wordless ecstacy when I happened on Bravo and saw Mr. Lipton standing! I was so very happy for him. It did not occur to me that I have been wrong about him. No, not at all. I figured that he had gone through some kind of operation or something and that now he was cured! I could not have been happier for him and his family. I was a glow with bountiful love for all. It's true, imagine that if you will.

The next few days were a blur of Christmas preperations. I was making beds, cleaning, cooking, shopping and jacking up my heat for thin blooded relatives. But. I was also feeling an unsirpassed delight everytime I thought about Mr. Lipton. He was no longer the prisoner of a disabled body. He would have a golden holiday of dreams fulfilled.

When brother H arrived and we were spending time flipping channels because we both love TV and it's a family tradition, we happened on Mr. Lipton. I immediately told H about The Christmas Miracle. Isn't it wonderful I said. Imagine how over the moon he and his family must be. Aren't you so very, very happy for them? It's been filling me with good fellowship ever since I saw it.

Big Silence.

Then H disabused me of my stupid misconception in a most demeaning manner. I was shocked. Not by the demeaning-ness (it's another family tradition) but that I could have been so wrong. I never saw it coming.

So, what now? Well I'll tell you. In Happy World where I get to decide what's what I still believe in the miracle. Is a miracle any less real because it didn't really happen? Seemingly not to the religions of the world and their followers. I think I'm going to go with that too.

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