Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wish Your Postcard Was Here

Holy Cow Flower!

That is the very best coincidence story I have ever heard. No Contest.

How on Earth did that little 3x5 piece of paper make it to the trade show? I would love to have seen Jane's face when she found it.

The closest thing I have to that magical tale (and mine is a weak, vest pocket imitation of your great story) was when sister A and I pulled a shopping cart out of the cart train at the supermarket and there in the bottom was the shopping list that A had given her husband K the week before. We were both equal parts surprised to find the note and disgusted that K hadn't thrown the list away.--Hey Man! Give a hoot and don't pollute!

I had no idea that postcard collecting was so big. I remember a few years ago a book came out called "Boring Postcards USA" from Phaidon. The title said it all my friend. We carried it at the bookstore because there was a postcard in there of a long out of business grocery store from the next town over. Can you imagine how happy the sales rep was to have that to point out? This book was actually a follow up to "Boring Postcards" which was all British postcards and presumably a whole different kind of boring than the American ones. Maybe the Brit version had a lot more savory pork pies.

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