Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Flower.

So we've both been following hard working Lance Fensterman's 2009 BEA. How do we feel about it? Aside from the distress of not attending I mean. I don't miss the massive amounts of whining that goes on at that show which could only have been multiplied by about 8,000 given, as they say, The Economy.

All the coverage I read about all the worries about the digital soon to be taking over the paper has made me think about many things. One of them is watches. I've never owned a watch, but I like watches. Now that everyone between the ages of 9 and 75 has a cell phone and they are always on and permanently attached to their left hand and every cell phone has the time prominently displayed on it are people buying watches anymore? Are cell phones killing watch sales?

As for books? I love books. There will never be a time that I will not lust after books. No matter how many I have read or how many I have waiting to read I will want more, more, more. And. I will always want to force books on others. So be warned.


P.S. Note to Book World--Why not find find a venue for BEA that might be a little cheaper than NYC or LA? Maybe then publishers will continue to attend.

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