Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Is What I Want, What I Really, Really Want

There was a time back in Big Hair 80's when instead of a Starbuck's on every corner there was a Benetton clothing store on every corner. Really. True Story. Their clothes were part of the uniform of the times. Their sweaters were especially gorgeous. They had great shapes, a lot of intricate intarsia patterning and the most amazingly enticing color palettes. I had quite the yen for them.

 Sad to say my wallet could not keep up with my desires. So I turned to what my much loved Aunt Gladys and fourth grade teacher, Miss Corsones, had taught me...knitting. I became a devoted life long knitter because of my barely controllable Benetton sweater lust. That was win-win.

Now I would like another win. I would like one of the many lovely craft book publishers out there like Interweave, STC Craft, Lark, Potter Craft, Vogue, Chronicle Books or Workman or one of the many other companies that I am not remembering to get together with Benetton and make me a knitting pattern book of their sweaters. Some from today, some from the last twenty years but mostly from the 80's. Who's going to make this happen for me?

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