Monday, October 18, 2010

I Would Read Anything That Looked Like This!

Flower you and I have seen it all!

Publishers have tried an awful of bad ideas to sell books. Once the store I was working in was overnighted a loaf of bread by a publisher to draw attention to a novel set in a bakery that they were releasing. Another publisher sent a car decorated to look like a globe around to the store and people normally kept in their offices poured out of it to encourage us to carry their travel guides rather than let us wait on customers on a busy Saturday afternoon. We have also received from publishers: countless T-shirts, water bottles, maps to made up towns, stress balls, mugs, baby shoes, underpants and thousands of other pieces of crap in the name of marketing.

So how about a good idea? If more books looked like these...well, who would be able to resist them? Not sure you can tackle Anna Karenina? Look how encouraging these covers would be. Want to pat yourself on the back for completing Ulysses? That little blue guy is already proud of you just for trying. Embarrassed to be reading The Joy of Sex while commuting to work? With these the world will never know. Want to make it look like you are using your iPad for literary puposes? Of course you do.
These adorable books are designed by Heidi Kenney and are available at the wonderful My Paper Crane.

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