Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's About To Be Fabulous Out There!

Sorry Flower!

I know that for you Autumn is the harbinger of more bad news, Winter. For me Autumn is a favorite. Probably my real and true favorite season. I do like a nip in the air and in a glass so we're good there and that color change...magical. All the leaves are dying but truly going out in a blaze of glory. As gorgeous as Spring can be and as beautiful as Winter sometimes is in a Dr. Zhivago kind of way I find Fall breath taking.

According to my local radio station although Fall starts today we are really only having one hour of it today. Tomorrow is the first full day of the season. You have a tiny bit of a reprieve my friend. Here we have had chilly weather for a week and I have seen leaves changing for a couple weeks so in my head it's already been Fall.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

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