Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me Reviving The Dead But In A Good Way

Flower, can you hear me now?

So. Picture if you will me doing laundry. It's a joyous picture. I like having clean clothes, you know? I decide to throw my favorite summer handbag, a pink Fossil messenger style bag, into the wash. Easy. I have washed it 50 times. I empty the bag and move on.

...Or did I empty it?

No. I left my cell phone in it. I didn't realize that until I was putting everything into the dryer. Little cellie went through an entire wash cycle. ~~sob~~ We have been together for 5 years. But wait? Don't I have the power to give life? Why yes I do. I took little cellie and put him in a bowl and covered him with uncooked, plain popcorn which I learned from watching Alton Brown is the way to go not with rice like I would have thought before Alton set me straight. Cellie sat in his popcorn tomb all day yesterday. I charged him over night and then left him in the popcorn over night. What do you think happened? He held the charge and I just used him to call my house AND IT WORKED.

I pledge to use this new power over life and death only for good.


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